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Sustainability is more than energy efficiency and water conservation. The Sustainable Fitchburg helps us understand what sustainability means and why it’s important. Viewers will see that this map includes environmental, economic, and social components.

Sustainable Fitchburg Map

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100% Renewable Energy - is it for Fitchburg?

The Resource Conservation Commission has discussed setting energy use and energy generation goals for the City of Fitchburg. The 100% Renewable Energy Resolution would be a strong step toward action by setting ambitious, achievable targets for energy use reduction and renewable energy generation for city operations and the community as a whole.  

Want to know more?  Learn about the goals and benefits in these infographics.

Share your thoughts with the Resource Conservation Commission.

Resource Conservation Commission

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The RCC recommends policy, enforcement, and informational programs to promote the preservation and improvement of the environment. The RCC has made recommendations for meeting the Kyoto Protocol, and has suggestions for how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. The RCC has a Community Outreach Subcommittee that plans educational programs for Fitchburg residents and businesses. Videos of RCC Outreach events are available in the “Other City Meetings and Events” section of the FACTv Streaming Media Archive.

Green Fitchburg