Operator's Licenses

Operator's License

Download the application or request an application in the clerk's office. This license is a 2 year license (expiring in the odd number years), and the cost is $70. You must bring one of the following items to apply for an operator's license:
  • Proof that he/she is renewing an existing operator's license held in Fitchburg
  • Certificate showing completion of the beverage server training course within the last two years
  • Copy of a retail license, manager's license, or operator's license that the applicant has held anywhere in the state within the last two years
Please allow at least 30 days for processing of the application. If you are renewing your license, you must have your application in the City Clerk's office at least 30 days before the expiration date. Operator's licenses expire on June 30th of odd number years.

Applicant may request a Provisional Operator's license when applying for a regular operator's license.  The cost for a provisional license is $15.

Temporary Operator's License

The application cost is $10. You may apply for a temporary operator's license in the Clerk's Office. Allow at least 30 days for processing the application.

The temporary operator's license is good for one to fourteen consecutive days and may only apply for one temporary operator's license per year. This license may be issued only to operators employed by, or donating their services to nonprofit corporations which have been granted a temporary class B or temporary class B license.