It is no secret that grasscycling - or recycling your grass clippings in place as mulch - is good for your lawn. Turf experts and lawn care companies have advocated this practice for years. The nutrients returned to the soil by mulching your grass clippings create a greener, healthier lawn.

Mulching your grass clippings also saves time. A recent study found that 147 homeowners who quit bagging their clippings mowed 5.4 times per month versus 4.1 times per month when they bagged their clippings, but saved an average of 35 minutes per mowing by not bagging the clippings. After six months, the average total time saved was seven hours!

Clippings are 90% water by weight, so once dry, they practically disappear. For best results, avoid over-watering or over-fertilizing your lawn and always use a sharp lawnmower blade. The optimum length for most grasses is 3 -4", so avoid scalping the lawn by cutting it too short, especially during hot, dry weather. 

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