Residential Storage

Storage on Residential Lots Summary Sheet
Download the Storage on Residential Lots Summary Sheet.

The rules and regulations detailed in this pamphlet are from the Fitchburg Zoning Ordinance. Some Fitchburg subdivisions may have rules or "deed restrictions" which go beyond these regulations, or which many not allow certain storage structures. Your realtor should have provided a copy of your subdivision's "deed restrictions" when you purchased your property.

Detached Garages / Carports
A detached garage, carport, or storage building greater than 400 square feet in floor area must comply with setback standards, which mean certain distances from your property lines to the building detached garage must be retained. Generally, these setback standards are not closer than 30 feet from your front lot line, 10 feet from your side lot line, and 35 feet from the rear lot line. Check with the Zoning / Planning Department to determine if your lot differs from these requirements.

Detached garages and carports can not be taller than the principal structure (house), and in no case, be more than 15 feet in height. Maximum lot coverage rules apply as well. No more than 35% of your lot may be taken up by
your home, sidewalks, and any accessory structures (including decks). You will need to apply for a building and zoning permit application to construct a garage / carport on your property. A site plan of the proposed addition identifying your setbacks, a 3D visual, and a list of materials need to accompany your applications.

Storage Buildings, Sheds & Enclosures
Storage buildings must obey front setbacks and can not be less than 4 feet from a side or rear lot line. They cannot be taller than the principal structure and in no case more than 15 feet in height. They cannot exceed 400 square feet in floor area. The maximum lot coverage ratio of 35% can not be exceeded with the addition of a storage building. A building permit is required for all buildings larger than 64 square feet.

See Chapter 23, SmartCode Ordinance, for regulations on SmartCode-zoned lots.

Contact the Planning / Zoning Department for additional questions.