Meter Reading Project

The Fitchburg Utility began installation of an Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system for water meter reading and residential cross connection surveys in 2012. These installations and surveys are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

Benefits of AMI System
As part of the installation of the AMI system, the City will be upgrading all water meters to a newer wireless technology that provides hourly water consumption data. With this upgrade, the city will no longer need to drive by each property to collect meter reads; they will be able to better track water consumption, provide timely and accurate responses to billing questions, and will be able to provide faster customer leak identification.

Cross Connection Surveys
The City will also be completing cross connection control surveys within each residential home during installation of the new meters. The city will be verifying that all connections to the water supply system, within common areas of each home, meet the cross connection requirements of the State Plumbing Code. These surveys are required by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As non-conforming connections have the potential for contaminating our water supply, home owners will be required to correct any violations found. The city will provide vacuum breakers for non-conforming utility sinks and outside spigots at no cost. All other required corrections, identified during the survey, will be at the home owner's expense.

Additional Information