North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruction

Project Statement:

The North Fish Hatchery Road project (CTH PD (McKee Road) to Madison Beltline) will replace deteriorating pavement and retaining walls, and will include storm sewer, sanitary sewer and watermain repairs as needed. The project will also address congestion at intersections and safety issues. Upgrades to pedestrian, bus and bicycle accommodations, as well as streetscaping such as plantings, trees and other decorative elements, will be considered. Improvements will provide better connectivity with surrounding neighborhoods and support new economic development along the corridor. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019.

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North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruction Flyer

North Fish Hatchery Road Reconstruction Flyer - Spanish

Stay tuned for information regarding public meeting #3, which is scheduled for spring 2019. Join us to discuss the final design and to talk about construction preparation.

Public Meeting #2 Materials

Public Meeting 2 Presentation

Public Meeting 2 Exhibits

North Fish Hatchery Road Roll Plot

Public Meeting #1 Materials

Public Meeting 1 Presentation

Traffic Exhibit

Existing Traffic Volumes

Existing Bike Facilities

Streetscaping Exhibit

Intersection Crash Diagrams

Fish Hatchery Road Existing Typicals

North Fish Hatchery Road Aerial Video

To view the meeting notes and recording of the first public meeting please click here.

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