Frequently Asked Questions

Town of Madison FAQs
This list will be updated regularly as we continue to go through the attachment process.

  Where do I vote? Your polling location will be Doxa Church, 2700 Novation Parkway.  If you're unsure if you're in the City of Fitchburg or City of Madison, visit to check.

 If I own a vehicle what do I use for "vehicle kept in" if my address isn't changing? If you are now a City of Fitchburg resident, you will need to use "City of Fitchburg" as the city your vehicle is kept in on Department of Motor Vehicle paperwork.

 Will school boundaries change? No, school boundaries will remain unchanged.

Will my voting location change? Yes, polling locations will change for the November 8, 2022 Election and residents will receive that information shortly after the August 9, 2022 Election. 

 How will my home be assessed? The City of Fitchburg revalues properties on an annual basis. The owners of the parcels that will be annexed to Fitchburg will receive letters in the fall of 2022 requesting property owners to schedule an appointment for a full walk through of their property. At that time the Assessor's office will visit the property and collect data needed to value the property. Please visit Fitchburg's Assessing web page for additional information pertaining to the assessment process. 

 Will my address change? No. Continue to use your current mailing address.

 What do I enter for "vehicle kept in" on the Dept. of Motor Vehicle forms? For "Vehicle Kept In" on DMV forms you will want to use City of Fitchburg.

 Will I have to get a new pet license for my pet or liquor license for my business?  All pet licenses, business establishment liquor licenses and building permits will transfer from the Town of Madison to the City of Fitchburg. There is no need to reapply or pay additional fees until the 2023-2024 license period.

 My business is interested in installing a new sign before the annexation. What if the sign is not in compliance after the annexation?  A sign properly permitted in the Town of Madison that does not conform to Fitchburg code will be considered a nonconforming sign. Sec. 26-126 addresses nonconforming signs.  A nonconforming sign may continue to be displayed except if damaged by 50 -percent or more, or upon request for a major change.  You can find more information here You can also contact staff in our Planning and Zoning Department to discuss.

 When will the City of Fitchburg take over building inspections and permitting? The City of Fitchburg will begin performing building inspection on October 31, 2022. In addition to inspections, building permits and zoning permits will be issued by the City of Fitchburg on this date.  

 When will the City of Fitchburg take over fire inspections? The City of Madison Fire Department will be completing the remaining 2022 Town inspections (before the October deadline). Starting in 2023, the Fitchburg Fire Department will include former Town properties into its regularly scheduled inspections. On November 1st (the first day Fitchburg Fire Department will be recognized as the AHJ - authority having jurisdiction), the Fitchburg and Madison Fire Departments will be working together to replace Knox Box cores so that all buildings are keyed with a City of Fitchburg Fire Department core. If business owners want to make sure that the correct keys are placed in the Knox Box (on or after November 1st), please contact the Fitchburg Fire Department at:

General FAQs
The City has compiled a list of of General FAQs that are often asked by current residents. The questions are categorized by Department. Some questions you will find here include, "How do I get a dog or cat license?" and "How do I report a broken street light?"