Feasibility & Design Concepts: Flood Mitigation North of Dunn's Marsh (Crescent Rd Stormwater Study)

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Project Background Information:

The area north of Dunn’s Marsh has experienced several flooding issues over the last decade. Concerns have included flooding of Crescent Road generally between Equity Lane and Red Arrow Trail, blowouts of Renaissance Pond, and flooding of several structures off of Crescent Road.

The purpose of this study is to determine options to reduce flooding of streets, reduce first floor flooding of structures adjacent to the road, and reduce the frequency of blowouts of Renaissance Pond. Other concerns in this area may be discovered as a result of input during Public Information Meetings.

NOTE: This project is not currently associated with the 2023 resurfacing project on Crescent Road east of Red Arrow Trail. Currently construction of any proposed solutions proposed from this study would not occur until 2024. However, opportunities for cost savings by implementing drainage improvements with the 2023 resurfacing project are identified, they may be pursued as the project schedules allow.  

Crescent Rd Flooding 1Crescent Rd Flooding 3

Project Description:

The City of Fitchburg is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to perform a comprehensive drainage study to identify and assess the feasibility of various solutions to improve flood concerns north of Dunn’s Marsh, assess permitting feasibility, prepare cost estimates, and conduct public outreach meetings.

An RFP was issued in the Fall of 2021 to solicit engineering firms to provide the above services. A link to the RFP document is provided below:

Flooding Feasiblity Study RFP

Project Status

The City has contracted with AE2S to complete the Seminole Glen Stormwater Study. Common Council approved the contract on August 09, 2022. The study is expected to continue into early 2023. Up to two public meetings will be held to gather public input on the background of the problems identified and the proposed recommendations. 

The consulting team has been provided all currently available data and additional data collection is underway to assist with development of the stormwater models. This project utilized the stormwater model developed by the City of Madison for their Dunn's Marsh Watershed Study. Within that model the City of Fitchburg areas draining to Dunn's Marsh were included, but at a lower level of detail.  AE2S added additional detail to the models including storm sewers, topography, and subwatershed areas within the City of Fitchburg limits. 

 Existing Conditions modeling was completed in December, 2022. During early 2023 several alternative solutions were considered and detailed modeling was completed. A final report with recommendations is expected to be completed in April 2023. An additional public mieeting will likely be held prior to the project going into full detailed design, likely in Summery 2023. Construction is currently planned for 2024 but will depend on securing sufficient funding. 

Public Meetings

Public Meeting #1: Project Background and Update (December 14, 2022) - Recording here 

Project Staff Contact

Questions on the stormwater study can be directed to:

Ben Schulte, P.E., Environmental Engineer at 608-345-9628 or Ben.Schulte@fitchburgwi.gov

(Last Update March 27, 2023)