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Teens (ages 13-18)

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to the Fitchburg teen server.

On the Discord server, you can...

Be yourself. Hang out. Join clubs and groups. Meet others. 

Play. Share. Chat.

The Fitchburg Public Library Discord server provides a virtual place for teens aged 13-18 to interact with other teens and engage in library programming.  Discord extends programming access to all teens in our community including those who cannot physically visit the library.

Library teen services staff supervise/moderate the server and teens apply to join by agreeing to the rules of conduct.

Through the server, teens can:

  • Attend programs and events
  • Join Clubs
  • Play online games
  • Share artwork, stories, creations, interests, and experiences
  • Discuss books
  • Be themselves!

For more information, please email minda.maurer@fitchburgwi.gov or jessi.neumann@fitchburgwi.gov.