Fitchburg Sustainability Plan

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Preliminary documents have been completed

The first set of baseline documents and infographics are ready for viewing, after months of data collection and analysis. Click the linked images below, or go to the main project page at to learn more.

Fitchburg Sustainability Plan baseline documents

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

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Ground Cover Study

Ground Cover Study thumbnail

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment thumbnail

Greenhouse Gas infographic

GHG infographic thumbnail

Climate Road Ahead infographic

Climate Road Ahead infographic thumbnail

Climate Change infographic

Climate Change infographic thumbnail

Native Landscapes infographic

Native Landscapes infographic thumbnail

Sustainability Solutions infographic

Sustainability Solutions infographic thumbnail

Native Landscapes infographic

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The City of Fitchburg Wants Your Input for our first Sustainability Plan!

The City of Fitchburg will be developing our first Sustainability Plan over the next year. We have launched an online survey to collect input from residents and businesses. This survey is to help us identify perceptions, needs, opportunities, priorities, and issues for the City to address in the Sustainability Plan. 

To help us better understand the comments we receive we ask for you to identify if you live or work in the City of Fitchburg, however, all are welcome to take this survey whether or not you live or work in the county.

We want to hear from you!

The City of Fitchburg’s Sustainability Survey and help shape our sustainability priorities. Please share the survey with your neighbors, friends, and family.  

Find the survey here: 

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This planning process will take about 18 months and go through several different stages, so check back for updates throughout!

The City of Fitchburg is accepting applications to participate on the Sustainability Plan Team.

The City of Fitchburg has now begun creating a Sustainability Action Plan (SAP). The SAP will establish goals and provide a menu of detailed actions to support increasing sustainability community-wide. The sustainability plan seeks to be a tool supporting the City, businesses, and residents in identifying and implementing actions to increase our resilience and meet sustainability goals. The plan will be created by a multi-stakeholder SAP Team facilitated and supported by the City’s Sustainability Plan consultant, paleBLUEdot llc

SAP Team members will work collaboratively to co-create the City’s plan by exploring, creating, reviewing, refining, and supporting the prioritization of actions to achieve the City’s sustainability goals. The SAP Team will include City staff members, representatives of other public agencies, and consultant team members. The City seeks to also include community members in this collaborative planning team. 

The planning team will work together through a series of 7 or 8 workshop meetings expected to begin September/October 2023 and continue through March/April 2024. Team members will also be asked to complete tasks between workshop sessions. The total time commitment including meetings and tasks between meetings is estimated to be approximately 6 to 8 hours per month (click here for more information ).

Community participants need no specific experience or background knowledge in sustainability to be significant contributors on this team. The City is accepting applications from community members 15 and older - however, please note that parent or guardian approval will be required for prior to participation by applicants who are under 18. We encourage you to apply by completing the application form prior to 4pm, Thursday August 31, 2023 .  You can find the application here: