Fitchburg Sustainability Plan

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An online Sustainability Survey was available for 8 months, collecting input from residents and businesses in the Fitchburg community. This survey helped to identify the current state of perceptions, needs, opportunities, priorities, and issues the Fitchburg community identified for addressing in the Sustainability Plan.

Find the survey results here: 

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This planning process will take about 18 months and go through several different stages, so check back for updates throughout, or sign up for alerts through the City's "Notify Me" page

Preliminary documents have been completed

The first set of baseline documents and infographics are ready for viewing, after months of data collection and analysis. Click the linked images below, or go to the main project page at to learn more.

Fitchburg Sustainability Plan baseline documents

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

GHG Inventory thumbnail

Ground Cover Study

Ground Cover Study thumbnail

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment thumbnail

Greenhouse Gas infographic

GHG infographic thumbnail

Climate Road Ahead infographic

Climate Road Ahead infographic thumbnail

Climate Change infographic

Climate Change infographic thumbnail

Native Landscapes infographic

Native Landscapes infographic thumbnail

Sustainability Solutions infographic

Sustainability Solutions infographic thumbnail

Native Landscapes infographic

Wildflowers infographic thumbnail