Arrowhead Redevelopment Plan

Plan Details
The Arrowhead Redevelopment Plan, adopted January 10, 2012 and amended on August 26, 2014, is part of the Fitchburg Comprehensive Plan as an amendment to Appendix A. The redevelopment plan is a guide to assist city officials and economic development professionals to attract and direct investment in the Arrowhead Area.

The City of Fitchburg entered into a contract with MSA Professional Services to conduct research, site analysis, economic development positioning including business stakeholder interviews and public involvement to create a redevelopment and infill plan for the Arrowhead Park Industrial Area. The Arrowhead Park Industrial Planning Area is 261.8 acres located east of Verona Road along both sides of McKee Road.
Planning Area
Copies of the Comprehensive Plan
A printed copy of the Arrowhead Redevelopment Plan is available for review at City Hall at 5520 Lacy Road between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. A CD of the Comprehensive Plan, with the Arrowhead Redevelopment Plan, may be purchased for $10 from the Planning Department.

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