History & Social Studies

History Reference Center* - Full-text books, encyclopedias, and history magazine articles; thousands of biographies of historic figures, images, maps, documents, and videos

Current Events

  • Google News - Top headlines from all major news sources around the world
  • New York Times - Current national and international news stories and searchable archive
  • Reuters - Covers major news stories in the USA and around the world
  • USA Today - Current news stories, videos, and images
  • Wisconsin State Journal - Local news stories from Madison and Wisconsin


  • African American History - Library of Congress - View collections and resources on the African American experience. Includes maps, photos, personal papers, and much more
  • African American History Month - Special online collections of historic artifacts documenting African American history; includes papers, images, audio, and video
  • Built in America - Online collections that record achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the United States
  • Civil War Studies - Articles and online tours covering the American Civil War; sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute
  • Digital History - Biographies, timelines, maps, speeches, video, primary documents, and lots more
  • HippoCampus - US History - Free website with information on all eras of US history; includes videos and links to a large number of textbooks; free accounts allow you to bookmark topics and multimedia pages you use frequently; includes AP topics
  • Our Documents - Full-text of 100 of America's most important documents; includes the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Articles of Confederation, Louisiana Purchase, Emancipation Proclamation, Presidential speeches, and much more
  • Outline of US History - Ebook published by the U.S. Department of State covers the entire timeline of US history; includes links to related articles and photos
  • Understanding 9/11 - A television news archive covering the events of September 11, 2001
  • USHistory.org - Educational site with links to information about the Revolutionary and Colonial era of American history; also covers history of Philadelphia

Social Studies

*Resource provided by BadgerLink, a project of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.