Educational Programs

Fire Extinguisher Training

Whether you've never used a fire extinguisher, are unsure which kind to use for different types of fires. or you simply want the chance to become more comfortable with them, this is the perfect program!

This program is available for groups of 5-100 people, ages 12 and up, is taught with both a classroom presentation and hands-on training, and will teach you:

  • Fire behavior and classifications
  • Fire extinguisher anatomy
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • General rules for fire extinguisher use

Contact us via email for more information or to schedule a training.

Fire Prevention Week

The theme for fire Prevention Week 2021 (October 3-9) is Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

This year, we're bringing our safety message out of the Firehouse with two evening community events from 5:00 - 7:00 pm:

  • Wednesday, October 13 - Fairway Apartments (2301 Traceway Dr)
  • Wednesday, October 20 - Huegel Jamestown Park (5902 Williamsburg Way)

Home Fire Inspection

A no-charge basic home fire safety inspection that helps identify possible fire hazards and other safety concerns, as well as fire prevention & protection factors that are specific to each individual in the home. To schedule, please send us an email.

Juvenile Firesetters Program

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reports that minors playing with fire start over 35,000 fires annually; approximately 8,000 of these fires occur in homes.

Our Juvenile Firesetters Program is offered to minors who have been involved in a situation where there was a mishandling of fire which could have, or did, cause a fire. This is typically a 3-week program that covers:

  • Responsibility for firesetting
  • Impact on self, family, neighbors, and community
  • Applying good decision-making
  • Common personality characteristics

Please email us for more information.