Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry is a vital function of the Parks, Recreation & Urban Forestry Department’s management responsibilities. The adoption of Fitchburg Ordinance 97-O-34 in 1998 created Chapter 54: Parks, Recreation & Forestry, through which the City’s Urban Forester is responsible for implementing the Urban Forestry Management Plan.  The city is responsible for all the trees in public areas and right-of-ways.

Urban Forestry Division

The Urban Forestry division is responsible for over 95 parks, conservation areas, greenways, and a golf course and cemetery. That includes more than 730 acres of parks and open space. As a result, the public urban forest is made up of more than 3,100 trees in parks and public spaces; more than 5,000 trees along streets, boulevards, and right-of-ways; and numerous wood lots like Mickelson Woods. 

Public Services

The Urban Forester also assists residents in handling oak wilt disease, Dutch elm disease, insect infestations, and tree selection, and provides pruning tips for street terraces or on private property. The Urban Forester has also prepared guidelines on planting a tree for prolonged life and the importance of pruning trees and shrubs.