Hunting Information

hunting pheasant

Hunting in Wisconsin

The WDNR website provides a lot of information about hunting, including the following:
  • Hunting licenses and permits
  • Huntable species
  • Special reports
  • Education
  • Hunting season
  • Where to hunt

Hunting in Fitchburg

Firearms may be discharged for hunting purposes during lawful hunting seasons and within the provisions and rules of the WDNR and with written permission of the land owner.  Check out the County, State, and Federal land on the Public Lands Map to view hunting areas near you.

Nevin Springs Fishery & Wildlife Area

Public hunting and other recreational activities (i.e. trapping and hiking) are allowed on this WDNR property. Regulations are those required by the state and a few additional regulations agreed upon by the WDNR and the City of Fitchburg. Types of hunting allowed for deer seasons are muzzle loaders and archery. Small game seasons allow shot guns with fine shot, muzzle loaders, archery, and falconry to be used.

This property is also contains the nation's first fish hatchery, Nevin Hatchery, which was built in Fitchburg in 1887. See the DNR website for tour information.

Waterfowl Production Areas (WPAs)

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife owns WPAs which are purchased with proceeds from the sales of Federal Duck Stamps and are owned by the Federal government. WPAs are open to hunting, trapping, and fishing subject to all applicable Federal and State laws, except where posted with “Closed to Public Hunting” signs. See the Public Lands Map for locations.

Additional requirements include (but are not limited to):
  • Blinds and tree stands must be removed daily
  • Firearms are permitted only while engaged in hunting during established open seasons with the appropriate hunting and firearm permits
  • No motorized equipment
  • No target shooting
  • No placement or hunting over bait
  • Nontoxic shot is required for all hunting - except for wild turkey