Fitchburg Senior Center Friends



Marcia Griskavich, President

Nancy Keeney, Vice President

Sharon Trimborn, Secretary

Bob Hillner, Treasurer

Sandra Ermis

Judith Hirsch

Nan Hoffman

Bill Horns

Lee Ihlenfeldt

Judy Nackers

Jack Pinkert

Bob Rottman

Dianne Schmidt

Kathy Sosnouski

Beverly Trafficante


Friends of the Fitchburg Senior Center, formerly known as SAC was established as a 501 © (3) non-profit in 1979 and incorporated in 1986. It originally functioned as the operating body of the center but when the Senior Center became a city department in 1987, the SAC’s role became advisory to the center’s director.

Through their 501 © (3) status, SAC is able to do fundraisers. Monies earned are often used to support Senior Center needs. The board of 15 meets monthly.

Name Change News Release

The Fitchburg Senior Advisory Council has changed its Name

The Fitchburg Senior Advisory Council, Inc. has changed its name to The Fitchburg Senior Center Friends, Inc.

The name change was approved by the Council’s Board of Directors at their monthly board meeting on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 to better reflect its mission, that of advocating for seniors by supporting programs and activities that are not funded by the Fitchburg Senior Center budget.

Why the Name Change?

The name, Senior Advisory Council, was confusing for many. Many people thought it was an advisory group to the Senior Center staff and the city. SAC ‘s mission was always support and advocacy through fundraising and senior community programs, such as the Pancake Breakfast, Pig Roast, Concerts in the Park and travel programs. This mission will continue as the Fitchburg Senior Center Friends.

SAC fundraising allowed it to contribute significant funds to the physical expansion of the Senior Center in 2011-12, paying for the kitchen remodeling and equipment, new tables and chairs, artwork, fireplace and bookcase to name a few. All funds were raised by SAC through generous donations and fundraising events.


Fitchburg Senior Center Friends (known as SAC) was formerly known as the Fitchburg Senior Citizens and then as the Committee on Aging.

The Commission on Aging (COA) and SAC evolved from these earlier groups as Fitchburg became a city. The Commission on Aging Well exists today as a City Council liaison group, while SAC became a non-profit advocacy and support group working to support seniors through the programs and activities of the Fitchburg Senior Center.

We welcome your continued support and participation in the fund raising efforts and programs of the Fitchburg Senior Center Friends, benefiting all senior residents of Fitchburg now and in the future.