Illustrations, Reports & Presentations


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  • Comprehensive Plan and Existing Codes Analysis - An analysis of the relationship and lapses between Fitchburg’s Comprehensive Plan goals and its existing zoning ordinances.
  • Issues Identification Report - Summary notes of issues that emerged during the December 2 workshop.
  • Image Preference Survey Results - Residents respond to images depicting different environments, levels of design, and rural or urban character. Degree of support, as well as individual comments, are noted.
  • Chamber of Commerce, CEDA QA - The Chamber of Commerce and the Community & Economic Development Authority presented PlaceMakers a series of questions via conference call. Here’s the summary.
  • All About the SmartCode - What the SmartCode’s all about, how it works and how it’s customized to individual municipalities is discussed in this concise document.


  • Implementation Workshop Training Session - Delivered October 13, 2010 by Susan Henderson of the PlaceMakers team.
  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Charrette Closing Presentation
    Delivered Friday, February 12, 2010 by Susan Henderson of the PlaceMakers team
  • Charrette Opening Night Presentation
    This charrette opening night presentation, delivered Monday, February 8, provides an overview of form-based codes, the rural-to-urban transect and how charrette week will proceed.
  • Fitchburg Transect Presentation
    An introduction to the idea of the rural-to-urban transect and how it might be applied to zoning in Fitchburg.