Mission & Responsibilities

Arbor Day

Volunteers at a 2021 Arbor Day event in McKee Farms Park.


The division of Urban Forestry aims to understand and maintain the City's urban forest. Through effective management practices, the division works to keep trees in good health, minimize the risk of injury and property damage, and maximize the benefits of the urban forest to the community.


Urban Forestry is responsible for the management, planting, replacement, and maintenance of the over 10,000 public trees within the City. This includes working with Public Works & Maintenance to administer EAB treatment, prune tree branches, and plant new trees each spring and fall.

Please note that the City cannot assist with trees that are located on privately-owned property. Unless the tree becomes a public nuisance, as defined within Sec. 74-19 of the municipal code, an independent and certified arborist should be contacted if you have concerns.

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