Curbside Refuse & Recycling Collection

Collection Calendar

The 2023 Collection Calendar and the 2024 Collection Calendar show the collection schedule for refuse, recycling, brush, and yardwaste. Our service map shows collections days in the City.   

Recycling Guide
Learn more about how and where to recycle in Fitchburg's Updated Recycling Guide!


Recycling (blue) Carts are currently emptied every other week.

Refuse (green) Carts are currently emptied every week.
Carts must be placed at least four feet from other objects and should not be placed in the street. The photo above shows the recommended placement. Place your cart at the edge of your driveway or terrace (within 3 feet of the street). Carts in the curb line or street can be hit and damaged by traffic.

Recycling Services
All single to four-unit residential homes are provided with weekly curbside refuse collection and every-other-week recycling collection. Residents must use the City of Fitchburg recycling (blue) and refuse (green) carts. Residents must have their materials at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on their appropriate collection day. Carts should not be set out prior to 6 p.m. the night before collection and must be removed from the curb within 12 hours after collection. Carts should not be stored in the front or side setbacks of the homeowners' property. 

Unlimited recycling is available! Additional recyclables that do not fit in the cart can be placed in a clear plastic bag (up to 32-gallon and no more than 50 pounds) and put next to the recycling cart. Additional recyclables will be collected at no additional charge. Refuse tags are not needed for additional recyclables. Additional refuse that will not fit within the city-provided cart may be bagged and placed curbside with the appropriate refuse tag (see below).

How to Prepare Extra Recyclables

Services for Residents with Disabilities

In order to assist individuals with disabilities, Pellitteri has set up a program to help residents get their recycling and waste collected. Click the following link to view the application and get more information.

Application for Residential Disabled Roll out Service

Curbside Collection Delayed 1 day after Holidays

If a holiday falls during the week, curbside collection of solid waste (refuse and/or recycling, depending on whether it’s a recycling week) will be delayed one day for each day of the week after the following holidays in 2023:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Refuse Tag Program

Under the Refuse Tag program, households may purchase additional refuse bags for disposing of additional refuse that does not fit into the cart. Each tag allows you to set out one extra 32-gallon bag of refuse (which must weigh less than 50 pounds). 

*Starting in January 2020 physical refuse tags will no longer be sold to residents by the City of Fitchburg. Instead, residents should call Pellitteri Waste Systems to pay for the pickup of additional refuse bags over the phone. Pricing for additional bags will be $3.50 each for up to a 32-gallon bag. This bag should not weigh over 50 pounds. You can schedule your extra refuse bags by calling 608-257-4285 any time before 4:00pm on the weekday preceding the next collection day. Credit card and debit card payments are accepted over the phone. If you'd like to pay by cash or check, please drop by Pellitteri's facility at 7035 Raywood Road in Monona any time from 8:00am-4:00pm.

Refuse & Recycling Collection Fees

New homes that will need carts for the first time or homes that need replacement carts due to loss, damage, etc. will be charged a one-time fee of $64 per cart payable to Pellitteri Waste Systems. The Real Estate Property Tax Bills for 2023 include a $232.00 fee per residential unit for 2024 collection of refuse (35-gallon cart), recyclables (65-gallon cart), yard waste (placed in bags at curb), and brush (placed at curb). This is labeled "Trash P/U" on the property tax bill. Instead of the base 35-gallon cart, residents may subscribe to 65-gallon or 95-gallon service for an additional fee, payable directly to Pellitteri Waste Systems.

Additional Cost for Refuse Cart larger than the 35-Gallon standard size


Refuse Cart Size
2022 Additional Charge 
$36.00 per year
95-Gallon $48.00 per year 


There is a $25 exchange fee for switching carts.

Call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-HAUL (4285) to subscribe to a larger recycling or refuse cart and/or switch out your existing cart.

Bulk Item Special Pickups

Call Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-HAUL (4285) to request a bulk item curbside pickup. Special Pickup Pricing