Existing Business

With over 750+ enterprises including global industry leaders and entrepreneurs specializing in biotech, instrumentation, advanced manufacturing and information technology, Fitchburg's dynamic existing businesses are the core of our strong economy.  The City of Fitchburg strives to be a proactive public sector partner to compliment your private sector ingenuity with efficient, confidential and time sensitive customer service to help your existing business grow and prosper.

When you are ready to expand or relocate your business in Fitchburg, the Fitchburg Assistance Staff Team (FAST) is here to show you why it is a "Good idea".  FAST will meet with you at your place or ours, whatever is most convenient for you, to learn about your project and get your expansion approval process started. FAST can help you work through the technical details, identify the perfect place or site and secure the City approvals necessary for your project to proceed. 

We hope that you find the information on this site useful to your needs.  As one of our existing businesses and employers, you are important to the City of Fitchburg; please let us know if we can ever be of assistance.

The first step to most expansion projects is to determine what is the best location for your business.  Locate in Wisconsin and Property Drive are two programs that will allow you to put in certain parameters for your needs such as type of building or site, for sale or for lease, square foot etc.  Under the available sites tab, we also have properties and sites that are being offered for sale or lease by owner.  Fitchburg is also home to one of Dane County's first sites to be a Certified In Wisconsin Site, RDC Tech Lands.  The Certified In Wisconsin Site Program allows for a quicker project approval process because much of the site research has been done prior to being certified.  This allows the site to be considered "shovel ready".  Fitchburg has dedicated more than 2,000 acres for high-quality technology businesses, a variety of residential housing options, mixed-use retail and commercial areas, park/open space and multi-modal transportation called the Fitchburg Technology Neighborhood. To ensure that your site meets our zoning ordinance, please review the Fitchburg Comprehensive Plan.  
Financial Assistance

 Now that you have the location, it's time to determine if you have the necessary funding in place.  In addition to traditional financing sources, Fitchburg has two optional funding mechanism Fitchburg's Revolving Loan Fund and we participation in the Madison Development Corporation Venture Debt Program. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) offers some programs that are tied to job creation.


 Are your current utilities capable of servicing your new addition?  We have a list of our utility service providers for Fitchburg.  Alliant Energy and Madison Gas and Electric have some programs to assist in development projects that might benefit your company.


 The City of Fitchburg requires certain types of permits for work that is being done.  You may be required to obtain a building permit, zoning permit or sign permit or a specialized permit., so it is best to contact City Hall to confirm.

Will you be adding additional staff that will need training?  There are some programs available to help defray the costs. To learn more about the programs, contact the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) or the Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin.  Regional workforce data is available at Madison Region Economic Partnership and Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Current Projects

See what current projects are happening in Fitchburg!