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Lalita Sankaran:

I am a proud senior, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, 4 beautiful grandchildren.  Prior to retirement, I worked at St. Mary's and other area hospitals as an Occupational Therapist. My hobbies include painting, stained glass, sewing, knitting and crocheting.  Spending time with my grandchildren gives me a boost of energy everyday.

I felt that my calling was to work with people towards better health and awareness of the value of movement and exercise, no matter what their level of endurance or competence.  I feel extremely rewarded and honored to be involved with the Functional Fitness program at the Fitchburg Senior Center.  This class is all inclusive, with participants working at their own pace and activity level, in various seated/standing positions.  We all enjoy our time together over coffee, or after class, sharing tidbits of our daily experiences, health issues and other news in our lives. I look forward to each day that we can all work together towards staying active and healthy, mentally and physically.

The Fitchburg Senior Center staff is like a family, embracing everyone that frequents it, daily or when participating in the programs offered. I love the Aerobics and Tai-Chi classes, but the newsletter is always full of new choices to suit everyone's individual needs. I feel like it is a home away from home, warm, caring and friendly.


Diane Fronek
Diane Fronek: